CORE update 0.5

The ServiceCORE team has now moved to an agile development lifecycle with a 2 weeks long release period. What is available in the new release that has just been published?

– A new advanced search facility.
– Search snippets available on the results page. Snippets created from the resource ful-text where available.
– The system supports citation extraction (available for newly processed resources) and displays references mined from the article full-texts. CORE also provides direct links to them, if they are held in our repository –
– A new document preview feature

The problem we are addressing and why

The ServiceCORE project is addressing a wide range of problems caused by the rapid increase of Open Access scientific papers stored across UK institutional repositories. These problems include:- The difficulty of accessing real, full-text data from these distributed sources efficiently.

  • The difficulty of generating data statistics (size, growth, subjects).
  • The difficulty of searching, organising and navigating this distributed information.
  • The difficulty of analysing the data.
  • The difficulty of repurposing and reusing the data in other applications.
  • The difficulty of building services on top of the UK Repository Infrastructure

The ServiceCORE project is responding to these challenges by developing a nation-wide aggregation service for content stored across UK Open Access Repositories. The CORE system is not only harmonising the access to the UK repository content, but it is also processing the full-text-content using text-mining methods to enrich the existing metadata. This includes extraction of citation information, recommendation of similar content etc. read more...