How does CORE see my repository?

Since we first made CORE public, we’ve had a number of repository managers ask if we are harvesting their particular repository data. We’ve also sometimes come across issues harvesting content that we want to feedback to the repository manager (or other relevant staff). In order to be able to answer such questions, and to be transparent about what CORE is doing – what we have harvested, where we have encountered problems etc. we’ve now released a ‘Repository Analytics’ dashboard.

This dashboard lists all the repositories we are currently harvesting, lists the number of metadata and full-text PDFs we have successfully harvested, and makes available the logs of our harvesting activity for more detailed information for troubleshooting.

The dashboard is very much in ‘beta’ at the moment, and although we expect most figures on their to be accurate in terms of what CORE has done, there may sometimes be oddities and issues, and inaccuracies, that we need to work through. We would really like feedback on the dashboard in general, and of course we want to know about any inaccuracies in our data. Where there are problems we would also like to work with repository managers to resolve them.

To access the dashboard, please visit On the first screen you can see some overview information – ticks and crosses indicating success or otherwise of our attempts to harvest metadata and content. If you mouse-over the icon you’ll get a record count. Because we don’t always know how many records/documents there are to harvest you can sometimes get a green tick when only a tiny fraction of your content has been harvested – so generally a tick means more that there were no obvious technical issues.

If you have feedback, please add it to this post in the comments (you can add comments at

7 thoughts on “How does CORE see my repository?”

  1. Hmm, wonder why UEA’s data isn’t being picked up – can you point me to anything we need to do to make this happen?

  2. Chris – we’ve updated the record and now harvesting successfully.
    Andrew – thanks for letting us know, we’ll get it added asap
    Rachel – I’m investigating – normally you should be able to see the log files to give some clues as to what has failed, but they aren’t displaying for some reason.

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