CORE releases a new website version

A couple of days ago we released a new version of our website and if you visit our main page it now looks slightly different.

Image: blickpixel @ pixabay

One of our aims was to showcase in a more clear way the CORE testimonials, i.e. what others think of the project and how the community uses our products, mainly our API and Datasets. In an effort to give credit to the universities and companies that are using our services, such as our Recommender and API, we are now displaying their logos on our main page. Our last new item is our research partners; CORE could not offer some of its services without co-operating with other projects, such as IRUS-UK, RIOXX and more.

You may also notice that we slightly improved the UI of our search interface. What you may not notice is that under the hood we upgraded the functionalities it used to offer and improved the full-text searching experience of our content.

We also extended significantly our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For the past two years the load of emails we are receiving has massively increased and we hope that via our new FAQs everyone with a question relating to CORE, such as the harvesting process or the technical and legal issues, can now find an answer faster.

We also introduced two new pages; the “CORE Research” and the “CORE Ambassadors”. Our team, apart from providing services, is also conducting research and publishes journal articles and conference papers in national and international venues. With this new page we wished to make those papers available to everyone who needed scientific information around harvesting. The full-text of these papers is available both to read and download, while all of them are deposited at the OU’s institutional repository, Open Research Online. Regarding the latter page, the CORE Ambassadors, we are delighted to grow CORE’s reachout activities and create an international network of CORE ambassadors, who can assist us with promoting CORE’s mission in facilitating free unrestricted access research to all and promote the machine readability of open access content. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador and help open access and text and data mining grow do let us know.

We hope that you will enjoy our new look and feel of our website and if you have any feedback or comments do get in touch with us.