CORE joins stakeholder group of the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA)

The I4OA was launched this September, calling for an increase in the volume of open abstracts. After having identified that either a large number of the published literature does not have open abstracts, or that available abstracts are currently disseminated via proprietary platforms with reuse restrictions, I4OA calls the publishing community to open up all abstracts of the published literature. 

CORE fully supports the I4OA initiative as this matches CORE’s mission. By being an aggregator of research content available in thousands of repositories and journals, we understand how important it is for metadata of research papers, which includes the abstract, to be openly available. 

For the past ten years CORE has served as a centralised infrastructure for open access content, including abstracts, hosted in repositories and journals and fully supports the I4OA initiative by being a proud stakeholder

Last year CORE established a working group of experts in publisher systems, text and data mining (TDM), policy making, recommendations and industry, and has worked on how to establish a development plan to share metadata and full text across all publishers for TDM purposes. 

Furthermore, CORE enriches the harvested content by integrating data from other services, e.g. Crossref and Microsoft Academic Graph, and exposes this content via its API and Dataset, enabling users to access a full range of records directly from a single and non-proprietary point. 

Dr. Petr Knoth, the Head of CORE states: “I see I4OA as an important initiative facilitating the  transition towards full unrestricted access to the content of all research, particularly access to full texts, for people to read as well as machines to process.”

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