Project Plan

Aims, Objectives and Final Output(s) of the project

The CORE project aims to facilitate the access and navigation to relevant scientific papers distributed in Open Access institutional repositories.

CORE will:

  • Release a new open metadata collection in the Linked Data format describing the semantic relations between resources stored across a selection of UK institutional repositories. The project will assign dereferenceable URIs to all resources in the collection and will make them publicly available.
  • Develop a web-service reusable by other Open Access repositories and a demonstrator tool for the Open Research Online (ORO) repository.
  • Develop good practice for the uptake of the provided repository and service in collaboration with the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) and UKOLN.

The CORE objectives will be achieved through the development of a CORE architecture which will consists of the following subsystems:

  • Content Harvester – system for harvesting metadata and full-text content from institutional repositories and indexing
  • Relation Analyzer – system for the discovery of semantic relations between full-text articles
  • RDF Publisher – system for publishing the results in RDF with its associated services (demonstrator)

The functionality of the system is demonstrated in the following Figure:

In the first month of the project we have developed a first version of the Harvesting system which has been already tested on the ORO repository which is based on the EPrints system. read more...