Cost/benefits of approach

It wouldn’t be possible to achieve the CORE results without the help of JISC which allowed us to invest time in developing the CORE system and tools. In addition, the project benefitted from extra time spent on the project by KMI staff or students. Therefore, I would like to thank to all involved in the development and dissemination of CORE. This includes Zdenek Zdrahal, Owen Stephens, Jakub Novotny, Gabriela Pavel, Magdalena Krygielova, Harriet Cornish, Vojtech Robotka, Petr Kremen, Michal Chloupek, Sophie Wise, Ian Tindle.

The CORE project has developed an infrastructure and tools that can be used for a number of purposes both by end users (people searching for Open Access papers) as well as institutional repositories developers. Though this is already very good, we believe that CORE is just the beginning of something bigger. In particular, we would like to extend CORE to become a large aggregation service for even more OA repositories. In order to do that we will have to face a number of challenges mentioned in some of the previous blog posts.

Overall, we believe that the benefits of CORE far exceed the investment. By talking to people in the OA community, to developers of the Open Research Online repository or others, we learned that CORE is a unique system which is extremely useful to promote Open Access and to provide better services to researchers and students.