Introducing the CORE interface for the R programming language

Update 19/06/2017: The CORE package has been renamed from “rcore” to “rcoreoa”.

The R programming language has come a long way from being mainly a data analysis powerhouse (R is a descendant of Bell Lab’s S language) to a general purpose language with the powerful features that we know today.

CORE and R have not been total strangers; the first release of the “rcore” package in February 2016 from rOpenSci provided the R users with an interface for CORE’s API. rOpenSci works towards providing access to data repositories through R and promotes maintainable and reproducible tools for scientific methods and analyses.

This is an exciting time for us to get involved in the development of the rcore package and collaborate more closely with rOpenSci. This past month we have added two new features:

  • batch search: while this has already been provided in the CORE API and it is now also available through the “rcore” package.
  • advanced search: this is a new feature solely available in the “rcore” package and considered for inclusion in the CORE API.

We want to strongly encourage all the R lovers out there to give it a try!

The package is still in early development but with the constant maintenance and improvement of our services and platform, we intend to bring to our R users a wider variety of advanced query filters and increase the breadth of available content through our API.

The rcore package constitutes an opportunity for R developers to engage in text and data mining with one of the largest corpuses of scientific literature.

Any issues or requests are welcome through the package’s public Github repo.