Track compliance of the REF2021 open access policy with the CORE Repository Dashboard

The new and updated CORE Repository Dashboard aims to help UK repository managers comply with the REF2021 Open Access policy. As a global aggregator of open access content collecting research papers from a wide range of repositories around the world, CORE can provide information about deposit compliance and assist institutions with identifying non-compliant outputs, i.e. outputs deposited too late.

The REF2021 compliance tracking tool was presented (26th March) in a fully booked webinar (slides and recording) attended by 131 repository managers and research administrators from the UK Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR) and the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) groups. 

The “Deposit Compliance” functionality of the dashboard retrieves deposit data information from a repository’s metadata record page and attempts to find an output’s time lag, i.e. difference between date of publication and date of deposit in a repository expressed in days. It uses this information then to signify whether an output is compliant with the REF2021 Open Access policy and more specifically with the 92 days timeframe.

A metadata record displaying a deposit date from the Open University Open Research Online repository from record URL

The advanced functionality of tracking compliance with the REF2021 open access policy is a premium feature, currently available for EPrints and DSpace repositories as a part of the CORE Repository Edition. This package offers a suite of powerful tools and guaranteed support for repositories, libraries and their content managers in the following three areas:

  • Discoverability increased discoverability of the institution’s research outputs via search engines, library discovery systems, third-party repositories, PubMeD, Microsoft Academic Search and other data providers.
  • Functionality –  enhanced functionality for repositories and research content management, including REF article-level open access compliance assessment, repository data enrichment and validation.
  • Support –  Guaranteed support in the area of issue tracking, funder reporting and interoperability management of repository data. 
The Deposit Compliance interface at the CORE Repository Dashboard. Displayed data are from the Open University Open Research Online repository.

Repository managers and research support administrative staff can also search the harvested outputs and be informed about the publication and deposit dates of each output. 

Browsing deposit dates functionality. 
Displayed data are from the Open University Open Research Online repository.

Via the CORE Repository Dashboard research administrators can also add and take down full text content, view technical issues relating to harvesting their repository, export the harvested records, track RIOXX compliance and get informed about the repository’s statistics through the IRUS-UK tab. In addition, access is provided to the CORE additions, e.g. CORE Recommender and CORE Discovery Repository plugins. 

To gain access to the CORE Repository Dashboard or to enquire about the premium CORE Repository Edition please do contact us.