3C Shared task: A Kaggle Competition for Citation Context Classification

Researchers from CORE are organizing a new shared task: the ‘3C’ Citation Context Classification Task, as part of the International Workshop on Mining Scientific Publications, WOSP 2020 (https://wosp.core.ac.uk/jcdl2020/index.html). The new task will be hosted on Kaggle (https://www.kaggle.com/c/about/inclass), which is a popular Machine Learning/Data Science competition hosting platform. The competition uses a portion of the  Academic Citation Typing (ACT) dataset  (http://oro.open.ac.uk/60670/), which is the largest dataset of its type in existence, which is also the only dataset of citations annotated by authors and the only truly multidisciplinary dataset. Using this dataset, the shared task aims at classifying the citation context in research publications based on their influence and purpose. There will be two subtasks associated with this shared task. The subtask A is a multi-class classification problem, where citations are categorized into six different classes based on the purpose. The second subtask B is a binary classification task, based on the citation influence.

We encourage researchers and students to participate in this shared task. This competition will provide you with an excellent opportunity for exploring our new ACT dataset and developing methods for automatic citation intent classification tasks. We expect submissions done as teams and there will be no limits on the team size. The participants are also requested to submit source code and a paper to the WOSP workshop, describing their work. The winners of the competition will be awarded a prize, provided all conditions are met.

For more information on both of the shared tasks, please visit the shared task website: https://wosp.core.ac.uk/jcdl2020/shared_task.html