CORE published in Nature Scientific Data

We’re proud and excited to announce that the paper authored by our team entitled ‘CORE: a Global aggregation Service for Open access Papers’, was accepted for publication and is now available as an open access article via

This paper is the culmination of work by the whole CORE team, with contributions from team members both past and present. It discusses how CORE has grown from a research project initiated by Dr. Petr Knoth in 2010 to the service it is today, serving over 30 million unique users each month. The paper also elaborates on the continuously growing CORE dataset and details the systematic challenges associated with gathering research papers from thousands of data providers worldwide at an unprecedented scale and the novel solutions developed to address these challenges.

CORE’s initial mission centered on fostering scientific discovery through enabling text and data mining of scientific literature. However, its use has expanded beyond these initial borders, extending into multiple sectors including higher education, industry, and not-for-profit organisations. CORE’s services support a wide range of stakeholders in providing scalable access to a vast and comprehensive collection of data, for researchers, academic institutions, developers, funders as well as companies from a diverse range of sectors.

Dr Petr Knoth, Senior Research Fellow in Text and Data Mining at The Knowledge Media Institute, and leader of the CORE team added; “I am extremely proud of the work the whole of the CORE team has put in to making this publication a reality, it has been a significant task but the results speak for themselves. Further, the paper is a valuable source article for anyone wishing to know more about CORE.”

This recognition by Nature is not only an accolade for the CORE team but also an acknowledgement of the transformative power of open access and the democratisation of knowledge.

You can read the full article here: