LA Referencia integrates CORE Recommender in its services

LA Referencia – an aggregator of research papers from Latin America collaborates with CORE – a scholarly communications infrastructure that provides access to the world’s largest collection of open access research publications, acquired from a global network of repositories and journals.

CORE Recommender is now integrated within  LA Referencia, allowing users to discover similar articles from across a network of thousand open access data providers. CORE Recommender acts as a gate to millions of open access research papers, suggesting relevant articles where the full text is guaranteed to be openly available. Moreover, the recommender delivers to users only free to read materials, i.e. materials that can be accessed without hitting a paywall. 

Alberto Cabezas, Executive Secretary of LA Referencia comments, “We strongly believe in collaborative initiatives. This service provided by CORE strengthens the visibility of Latin American scientific production by contributing to one of the main open access collections in the world and, at the same time, together we provide value-added services to open access content for regional repositories. In fact, now our users can find similar content in global CORE collection, that is open,  sustaining an ecosystem without “paywalls”.

LA Referencia (The Federated Network of Institutional Repositories of Scientific Publications) is the Latin American network of open access repositories consisted of 10 national nodes. Through its services, it supports national Open Access strategies in Latin America through an interoperable platform, which shares and gives visibility to the scientific outputs generated in higher education and scientific research institutions. LA Referencia is an initiative that came out of technical and organizational agreements between National Science & Technology Organizations (National Ministries of Science & Technology) and RedCLARA, Latin America’s organisation that connect NRENs to advanced Internet network such a Geant in Europe.

Petr Knoth mentions, “Our collaboration with LA Referencia demonstrates how services built on top of content collected from thousands of open repositories and journals can be used to improve user experience. This is a testimony to the power of being able to process content from the open access repositories network to create innovative services for all.”

CORE Recommender is a free service available for journal systems, repositories and virtually any website. To learn more and get the CORE Recommender, visit the CORE Recommender website.